How to use your smartphone to write for money on Medium

You are only one step away from starting to make money with Medium from wherever you are if you have a passion for writing, telling stories, or sharing insightful and worthwhile materials online.

You have countless opportunities for growth and advancement with this blogging platform, and the best part is that you can access it from anywhere.

You can write articles on whatever subject you want or are most interested in using this tool, which has a very minimalist style and is friendly and intuitive.


Profit from Medium by following these suggestions:

Making money on Medium is simpler than you might think because it gives you access to a wealth of resources for successfully monetizing your interest.

It was developed by two savvy businesspeople who also co-founded Twitter.

His first idea was that storytellers may share their tales more freely.

In other words, it gave individuals more writing options, giving them more than 140 characters to contribute their writings, stories, and other content.

One of this network’s main draws is how quickly and effortlessly you can monetize your material (from the same space and without having advanced knowledge in writing or marketing).

It is also set up to progressively expand audiences, capture new market segments, and win over loyal customers.

Its vast potential and simplicity of usage made it incredibly popular. Furthermore, even though Medium has been in operation for a while, it is still very possible to generate money with it.
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What to write in a blog post? This blogging platform’s functionality is fairly straightforward.
To make the most of it, just follow a few simple instructions. Here are a few examples:

Start by registering. By connecting your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail accounts, you may complete this quickly. You may sign up right here.

2. After registering, you will receive a brand-new blog. the one you’ll use to write and distribute your works.

3. Specify the subjects you believe to be the most pertinent. There are more than 55 categories accessible right now.

4. Select “New story” to start writing your texts. You will then have access to a very basic text editor.

5. Make as many edits to your content as you can. Don’t forget to include images, movies, links, etc. Making it visually appealing for your potential readers is the goal.

6. Once the text has the appearance you desire, publish it, distribute it on your alternative social networks, and engage with users who leave comments on it.

The operation of this online blogging platform is actually pretty simple to comprehend. You merely need to get comfortable with its user interface.

How to earn money online writing for Medium
money for writers

Additionally, it’s really easy to make money with Medium. You may instantly start earning money from your content with just one click.

The concept is that writers who produce content are compensated according to the value they add to the Medium audience.

In order for your creations to stand out in this fiercely competitive climate, it is crucial that you grasp the best content marketing approaches and strategies.

Currently, there is a strong system that, unexpectedly, has nothing to do with paid advertising and enables you to make money with Medium in an efficient and secure manner.

Instead, it has to do with a particular program that encourages the sale of material through a subscription model.

The only method that makes it possible to compensate the creators of premium content is known as the “Expanding the Medium Partner Program.”

It’s pretty intriguing the concept of not making money off of messages through advertising techniques. Theoretically, it enables Medium users to find stories that actually resonate with them.

Right now, the only method to monetize Medium is through its partner program, which is heavily reliant on how many people view and read your stuff there.

So that users can genuinely concentrate on consuming high-quality material, it should be emphasized that advertising monetization is prohibited, at least for the time being.

rather than letting algorithms and paid recommendations on trending subjects affect you even though they might not be relevant to your profile, personality, likes, or interests.

How is this website paying you?

writing jobs at home content
Making money using Medium is a task that is not insurmountable. On the contrary, it is becoming easier to make a living off of your love of writing in this digital age.

The most productive authors might earn between $5,000 and $49,000 each month, according to statistics.

To receive cash or other compensation today, you must share at least three articles every month on this site.

Unless you upgrade to a premium membership, which costs $5 per month or $50 per year.

You have two ways to make money on this website if you sign up for the partner program:

1. Referral network:

50% of each new user’s monthly subscription fee will be given to you. Simply said, the more people that suggest you, the more income your Medium profile will produce.

Reading duration: 2.
Your income in this situation is based on how long consumers spend reading your material.

You would get 10% of a user’s contribution, for instance, if they read your tales for 10% of their monthly reading time. This sum is included in your site subscription price.

In both situations, you will receive your payments on a regular, secure monthly basis into the bank account you link to your profile.

You don’t need to worry about your finances at all because earning money with Medium is 100 percent reliable.

All you need to do is concentrate on producing and disseminating sincere, valuable content for your users.

By doing this, you will boost your chances of gaining more subscribers and adding additional reading hours to your profile.

As a result, your accounts will get more money. Additionally, if you choose to work from home full-time, you may develop into a renowned author and earn up to five figures every month.

Make a good living by using Medium:

It’s up to you to maximize this blogging platform that is so well-liked in the global market in order to earn money with Medium.

Keep in mind that the online world offers you a variety of ways to make money and can even give you all the resources you need to launch your own online business.

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