Either Polygon or Ethereum should I mint on.

Either Polygon or Ethereum should I mint on.

The answer to the question of whether to mint on Polygon or Ethereum is that both platforms offer advantages and disadvantages.

There are a few factors to take into account while picking the best cryptocurrency to mint. What’s your main objective, first and foremost? The second question is which cryptocurrency you want to employ as your foundation after you have that information.

The best choice is to utilize a cryptocurrency like Binance, polygon, or Ethereum if you wish to use existing coins. Because they are alternatives to Bitcoin, these are referred to as “altcoins.” Since there is no single entity in charge of these currency, they are decentralized. As a result, there can be greater security and privacy as well as a more democratic government.

A brand-new kind of blockchain called the polygon blockchain makes it possible to distribute and track assets across numerous parties. The polygon blockchain offers a decentralized system that enables the tracking of assets and their ownership, which is intended to increase the speed and security of asset transfers.

A group of top industry specialists are now working on Polygon blockchain technology, which will be released in the first half of 2019.

Without a doubt, this coin can be used to create tokens that can be traded on a variety of platforms, including the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and many more, in addition to trading polygons. It has a very high potential to overtake other cryptocurrencies in the near future.

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Reasons to Mint on Polygon
There are many aspects to consider when deciding between Ethereum and polygon.

The primary distinction between the two systems is that Polygon leverages Ethereum as its base layer and is a Layer 2 solution, whereas Ethereum is a Layer 1 solution.

Compared to Layer 1 solutions, Layer 2 solutions are intended to be more scalable and efficient. To do this, Polygon employs a method called Plasma. Child chains may process transactions significantly more quickly than the Ethereum mainnet because to the Plasma smart contract architecture, which enables their formation.

The increased speed and efficiency of minting your token on Polygon is the key benefit. Your token will be able to conduct more transactions without encountering congestion problems since Plasma child chains can process transactions considerably quicker than the Ethereum mainnet.

The fact that Polygon employs the more energy-efficient Proof of Stake consensus process rather than Ethereum’s Proof of Work algorithm is another benefit of the platform.

Both coins can be used to mint tokens, but when it comes to Polygon or Ethereum, minting on the polygon chain is quicker and more stable.

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