What You Should Know About Computer Definition and Operation

What You Should Know About Computer Definition and Operation

A computer is a piece of electronic equipment used to manipulate data or information. Data can be stored, retrieved, and processed by it.

A computer can be used to access the internet, send email, and type documents. It can also be used to manage databases, presentations, games, spreadsheets, accountancy, and other things.

Although they are not particularly sophisticated, computers handle instructions perfectly and very quickly. They receive raw data from the user, process it, and then output information.

• Data are unprocessed facts and numbers that might not be arranged in a logical manner or have the intended meaning. e.g

1. Electronic and computer
2. Independence of Nigeria in 1960

• Data that has been processed can be considered information. It provides the intended concept and is symmetrical. For instance, a computer is an electronic device.
2. In 1960, Nigeria attained independence.

Computer component
1. A computer output device called a “MONITOR” allows you to see what you are doing on your computer.
CRT and LDC are the 2 different types of monitors.

2. A system unit is a case that houses the hardware necessary to support additional external computer components.

3. The pointing device MOUSE is used to select items on screens.

4. To enter commands into the computer, use the keyboard.

5. Scanners are output devices that send documents or images to computers.

6. A PRINTER is an output device that prints information from a computer on paper.

7. A SPEAKER is an output device that enables you to hear music and computer sound effects.

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