Where will the Buffalo Bills rank in the NFL roster according to the PFF in 2022?

Where will the Buffalo Bills rank in the NFL roster according to the PFF in 2022?

There are extremely high expectations for the Buffalo Bills in 2022.

Experts, the media, and fans concur. It’s Super Bowl or nothing for the Bills this year.


Pro Football Focus is the most recent outlet to applaud the legislation (PFF). The 2022 roster ranking on ESPN Insider has been released by the analysis portal. The top-ranked bill in the list belonged to PFF’s Ben Lindsey.


Lindsey divided each roster into groups based on its advantages, disadvantages, and X factor.

Obviously, the team’s greatest asset is. According to Lindsey, over the last two seasons of PFF, Josh Allen has been among the league’s top quarterbacks.

In the previous two seasons, only Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers had quarterback grades that were higher than Josh Allen’s, according to Lindsey. “Physical tools were always available, but Allen was able to provide the accuracy that the league lacked in its early years. In the Super Bowl in 2022, Bill’s favorite development was Allen’s. General Manager Brandon Bean and the rest of this front office deserve praise for assembling a complete roster, which is the team’s primary justification for playing in the season.


One of the few quarterbacks in the league who can take his team to victory is Allen. Buffalo lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of last season, but Allen gave the Bills a chance and gave them a chance to win later in the game.

This season, Allen welcomes a new attack coordinator to Kendsey. Despite taking on a new position, Dorsey served as Allen’s quarterbacks coach in Buffalo for the previous three seasons, so the two are already acquainted. After 2022, there is no reason to think that Allen won’t remain one of the league’s top quarterbacks.

Lindsey believes the right side of the offensive line may be the team’s worst weakness.

Ryan Bates and Spencer Brown might be the offensive linemen for Buffalo, but neither is a rookie, according to Lindsey. “Bates had a 64.4 PFF grade in 2021 while starting five games at left guard. His first season with more than 100 offensive snaps is this one. Since his first season last year, Brown has done it 846 times. exited Attack Snap with a pass-blocking grade of 59.3 PFF. The bill benefits from these two organisms growing together on the right, but it might be a flaw.

Buffalo had a bright spot when Bates joined the starting lineup in 2021. The Bears matched the offer sheet that the guards signed this offseason because the team was so confident in Bates’ performance. Regarding Brown, the proper tackle has become better with time. It is fair to say that the pair lacks experience, though.


Aaron Kromer, the new offensive line coach, is entrusted with assisting Bates, Brown, and the other starters in moving forward as a group. Over the previous few seasons, Josh Allen has helped them mask their flaws. Allen becomes an even greater nightmare for the enemy defense if the unit advances under Cromer’s direction.

Von Miller will be the team’s X Factor in 2022, according to Linsey. Miller is a key component for Buffalo, who recently agreed to a six-year, $ 120 million contract, being able to compete in big games and win the Super Bowl.

One of the top pass rushers in the NFL, according to Lindsey, is Von Miller in the form that helped the Los Angeles Rams win the Super Bowl last season. Miller recorded 22 quarterback pressures in these four postseason games (Aaron Donald was 23-1 short) to match the highest pass rush grade (92.6 PFF) in the playoffs, according to the Bills. He can be a game changer for their defense if he stays healthy and plays throughout the 33-year-old season.

Miller will be a part of Buffalo’s rotation, but in the second half of the close quarters, the team will undoubtedly rely on veterans. Buffalo lacked a pass rusher who could consistently play big when called upon last year. Buffalo is seeking for a mirror to assist with the development of Gregory Rousseau, Boogie Basham, and AJ Epenesa in addition to close the game. Miller’s deal would be a wise use of funds if he could assist one of these players in elevating their performance.

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